Off to new shores, towards new challenges!

Magellan GmbH

Magellan has been standing for new beginnings and success for more than 500 years!

Life is a series of changes and therefore, we have to continually adapt personally as well as professionally. Just the same each business, each organization, each team faces change.

Ferdinand Magellan understood this already 500 years ago. With this consciousness he approached actively the changing conception of the world and that is why he was able to form it. As the first navigator to circumnavigate the world, he provided factual evidence that it has a spherical shape. This way of dealing with changes is the basis our philosophy.

“If you want to build a boat, don’t summon people to collect wood, fetch tools and assign work, but rather teach the men to long for the open and endless sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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